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Mr. Liu Song has over 20 years working experience in IT and Internet industry in China. As Vice President of Alibaba Group, Mr. Liu is currently in charge of public affairs and industry research in the area of Cloud Computing, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, etc. He is also responsible for the industry-university-research cooperation, entrepreneurial ecosystem development, and talent development in technology at Alibaba. Meanwhile, served as the spokesman of Alibaba Group for technology development trends, Mr.Liu is also the key initiator of cloud computing and data intelligence ecosystem in China. In his past years of work, Mr. Liu focuses on the industrial trend of Internet and enterprise IT, and has obtained rich experience particularly in digital economyindustrial upgrading, and social governance based on new generation of information technology. With his expertise in industrial internet, smart manufacturing, and data intelligence, Mr. Liu also serves as External Expert of National Network Information Office, Vice Chairman of Industrial Internet Consortium of MII (Ministry of Industry and Information), as well as Alibaba’s representative of National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Demonstration Base.




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