Name: Innovation & Entrepreneurship: Make Dreams Come True
“It was the best of times and it was the worst of times.” Chairman Xi Jinping used this opening line from A Tale of Two Cities by British author, Charles Dickens to highlight current contradictions in the world. Chairman Xi Jinping then went on to answer questions about economic globalization.  

The progress of exploring options for an advanced, creative, cooperative and win-win plan for both China and the rest of the world will be difficult in a challenging global environment that includes: a scientific and technological revolution, ecological environmental issues, social development and civilization conflicts, etc. To meet this challenge, we need unprecedented spirit and a culture for innovation and entrepreneurship. We need unprecedented abilities for imagination, solidification, collaboration and participation. The era transformed from “I” to “We” has come! All of these ambitions and challenges come together in the theme of Shanghai WIEE 2018, “Innovation & Entrepreneurship Make Dreams Come True.”
Under this theme are the following subjects: 

(1) Future oriented
We need a set of principles to face the current great challenges of mankind. WIEE follows the principle of “Science and technology change the world, and innovation leads the future.” In following that principle WIEE is aimed at globally advanced new technologies, new products, new business forms and new modes. This creates a world class platform for “Innovation, entrepreneurship and venture capital investment.” It is anticipated that an ongoing outcome is that WIEE attracts original, explorative and innovative entrepreneurship projects, supports the innovation in high-tech achievement transformation, service mode, business mode and new industries, etc. 

(2) Chinese characteristics
We root ourselves in the land of China while being open to the rest of the world to solve Chinese problems, and to make Chinese plans according to Chinese conditions. These plans are constructed with input from all related parties to promote: the cross innovation and achievement transformation by the government, enterprises and research institutes; systematically integrate the traditional Chinese cultural innovation gene with modern international innovation thought and actions; establish an innovation and entrepreneurship system with Chinese characteristics; and take the advantages of the national innovation development strategy and the construction of the Shanghai scientific innovation center. 

(3) Innovate with global cooperation
Internationalization and specialization will be developed around the core principle of communication and cooperation. It will integrate global innovation and entrepreneurship resources from colleges, enterprises and cities. It will centralize elements including policies, funds, technologies, talents and services, etc,. It will create an intensive service operation mode integrated with broadcasting channels and systems, and encourage global forces to participate in innovation and entrepreneurship. 

(4) Share with masses
Upholding the principle of openness and innovation, we are committed to “Common understanding, common innovating and common sharing” as we create an internationally attractive and influential platform and exhibition brand for innovation and entrepreneurship. This platform and brand will act as a source for innovation that is of benefit to the world. This will be an avenue to share the latest achievements, experience and opportunities in innovation and entrepreneurship. 





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