All partners, exhibitors and sponsors are welcomed to attend the WIEE 2018!
Join us, and you will have the change to enjoy *:  

1. Initial cooperation and sustainable development, special rights of being WIEE founding partner.
a) Special rights and benefits to initiators
① Signature on Declaration of World Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Shanghai Declaration)
② WIEE membership
③ Group photo on the stage of opening ceremony
④ Participating in the innovation and entrepreneurship city visiting group
⑤ Named and customized activities after WIEE theme weeks
⑥ Founding partner for three consecutive years  

b) Further rights of subsequent follow-ups
① Participating in further WIEE visits and exhibitions
② Matched investment in WIEE cities
③ Priority supports from other members of WIEE  

3) Tickets to Shanghai WIEE 2018
①Tickets to the main conference: 30 passes to the conference and all exclusive activities (including the Initiators’ Day, Investors’ Day, Speakers’ Dining, Administrative Breakfast, SLUSH and other important events of the whole year).
②Tickets to forums: including 30 passes to forums and summer vacation workshops.  

2. Sponsors and invitees to participate in various activities of WIEE
A variety of activities will be provided in WIEE 2018, where celebrities in all walks of life will be invited.
Join us and you will have the change to enjoy *:  

a) Exhibitor of the Future Theme Weeks
①Participating in the opening ceremony of Global Future Theme Weeks
②Co-host in the forum of Global Future Theme Weeks
③Delivering a speech in the Global Future Theme Weeks  

b) Participating in activities main venue and branch venues
①Releasing products in the middle of activities
②Customized activities with the host (listed and upgraded through WIEE) 

3. Exhibiting products of innovation and originality, have access to exhibition spaces of various needs
You will be provided the exhibition hall spaces you require, including self-built exhibition hall or container exhibition hall provided.
Join us and you will have the change to enjoy:

a) All-year exhibition space
①Independent, customized and self-built exhibition hall (12m container ×4)
②Independent hall (12m container ×1-10)
③United hall (6m container ×1-10)  

b) Seasonal exhibition space
①Independent hall (12m container ×1-10)
②United hall (6m container ×1-10)  

4. Improving the enterprise brand popularity by participating in advertisement and generalizing activities
Enhance your brand recognition through our wide range of advertising platforms including multimedia, websites, exhibition halls and materials, and various general activities.

Join us and you will have the change to enjoy *:  

a) Enterprise Logo display
①Your enterprise brand Logo will appear in various WIEE plans;
①brand display in the main conference (including main forum activities in May, innovation and entrepreneurship competition and global relay New Year speech in December) and session brand display (Summer Vacation Camp and Future Weeks events)
③Showing the brand Logo at the opening or ending of multimedia or video speech;
④Showing the sponsor's Logo on the exhibition board of main venue, session, Logo wall, back walls of reception desk, conference zone, media zone, and registering desk, etc;
⑤Sponsor's Logo on sales promotion materials, tickets and volunteers’ T shirts, neckties and wrist belts, etc;
⑥Sponsor’s Logo will appear on the rolling bar or partners’ zone on official website.  

b) Naming right for exclusive project: no any other similar enterprise logo will appear in the promotion;

c) Advertising and propagating in the name of WIEE.

5. Sharing media resources, building the brand, and winning opportunities for reporting
We have access to famous global media resources noting that we have favorably cooperate with more than a hundred media from home and abroad.

Join us and you will have the change to enjoy *:  

a) Your enterprise name or brand Logo will be listed on the invitation letter for media
b) Your company introduction will be covered in the media’s kit
c) Time for media interview (15min)  

* The rights and benefits our partners, exhibitors and sponsors enjoy will be determined by the detailed cooperation projects, investment and exhibition invitation policies.





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