1. WIEE Opening Week
Shanghai WIEE, 2018 will open on May 19th and the opening ceremony forum and exhibitions will be held during opening week, including: opening ceremony and “Future Trends” forum; release of Declaration of World Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Shanghai Declaration); Tongji-MIT “Ultra-intelligent City” Forum; opening of theme halls (for colleges, enterprises, cities and organizations); 2018 Forum of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Policies; 2018 Forum of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education; 2018 Conference of Innovation for Tongji College Fellows; and International Theme Innovation Days (Germany, Italy, France, Finland and Spain, etc).

2. Innovation and Entrepreneurship Summer Carnival
The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Summer Carnival will be held from June to September when activities include 2018 SLUSH Shanghai, 2018 Shanghai Maker Faire, 2018 China-US Youth Maker Competition and Forum, 2018 Cross-Strait Youth Maker Competition and Forum, 2018 Shanghai STEAM Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum, etc. During the summer vacation, WIEE will cooperate with partners from home and abroad and attract students from Chinese and foreign primary schools, high schools and colleges. Integrated with educations, scientific researches, cultural exhibitions and Makers’ activities, a co-innovating and sharing community will be created.

3. Global Future Theme Weeks
The Global Future Theme Weeks will be held in the beginning of 2019. These theme weeks include: Future Building Week, Future Human Habitat Week, Future Manufacture Week, Future Economy Week, Future Health Week and Future Culture Week. Activities of Global Future Theme Weeks will be hosted by 15 top colleges of Tongji University. Using forums, exhibitions, road shows and workshops to focus on future challenges and opportunities will provide the opportunity to combine innovation and entrepreneurship with the construction of top grade subjects. These subject areas will be further enhanced by the addition of international cooperation among factories, colleges and institutes.

4. Innovation and Entrepreneurship Theme Exhibition
Jiading Campus of Tongji University will host events that will open at the same time as WIEE . The events at Jiading will bring together colleges, research institutes, factories, entrepreneurs, investors, cities and many other organizations to establish exhibitions. These exhibitions will showcase the most updated and outstanding achievements in innovation, entrepreneurship, maker and originality fields. There will be City Hall, Enterprise Hall, College Hall and Organization Hall in WIEE, and the exhibition will focus on scientific innovation themes, including future city, future traffic, future manufacture, future environment, future health and future life; and cultural innovation themes, including artistic originality, brand strategy, stage show, extreme sports, game interaction and recreational catering, etc.

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