The World Innovation & Entrepreneurship EXPO (WIEE) is founded on the concept of socialism with Chinese characteristics. In the new era, there must be a new atmosphere and new accomplishments in all sectors of the world. With the support from the Ministry of Science and Technology and Shanghai Municipal Government, and within the framework of Pujiang Innovation Forum, Tongji University has initiated, and will host, WIEE to further actualize the national strategies of promoting the development by innovation, revive the country by science and education, and strengthen the country by talents, accelerate the municipal construction of a globally influencing science and innovation center, promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievement, build a cooperation platform, transform the economic society, and reform the systems and mechanisms in Shanghai.  

The name World Innovation & Entrepreneurship EXPO, abbreviated as WIEE. The inaugural WIEE will be held in Shanghai on Saturday May 19th, 2018 and will last for a period of one year, (May 2018-May 2019, excluding Oct. 2018-Dec. 2018), after which it will be held regularly. WIEE 2018 will follow the principle of openness and innovation with a commitment to “Common understanding, common innovating, and common sharing.” The Expo will unite over 100 cities, colleges, enterprises and organizations from home and abroad. The program will include: “WIEE Opening Week”, “Innovation & Entrepreneurship Summer Vacation Carnival”, “Global Future Theme Weeks” and “Innovation & Entrepreneurship Theme Exhibition.” This ambitious program will create an internationally attractive platform to influence innovation and entrepreneurship. The exhibition brand will be known as a globally radiating innovation energy source, and offer powerful support to the world’s innovation and entrepreneurship endeavors.

WIEE 2018 has also been included in the framework of Pujiang Innovation Forum.





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