kyle Lawrence Mertensmeyer

Graduated from the University of Judson, Kyle Mertensmeyer is an owner & founding partner of Shanghai Godolphin,a Lecturer at Tongji University’ s Design Innovation School as well as a member of AIA.

He major in environmental design and urban planning. From 2013-2016 Kyle received three consecutively funded grants for the study of indoor/outdoor air pollution. This research sought to use design thinking to solve major challenges facing clean air in China and the world. Kyle has won more than fourteen international awards on three continents from accredited organizations including: The American Institute of Architecture (United States), International Interior Design Association (Hong Kong, US, France), US Green Building Council (United States), ID Best of the Year Award (United States), FX International Interior Design Award (England), Blue Print Design Award (England),38th Annual Interior Design Awards (United States).


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